Damien Hayes (DJ LAW), represents the true style of what djing should be today. As a true turntablist, vinyl is his choice of brush, turntables his choice canvas, music a choice of color, and the dancing crowd is his masterpiece. When using his abilities, “LAW” makes it a habit of displaying creativity out of every event. Every show is spiritually, visually, and physically stimulating. Damien himself, through thirty plus years of blood, sweat and tears has touched many people around the world with his music. Over the past three decades, he has also affected some of the award winning alternative artists today such as the earlier music of Jewel, Timex social club, PBG’s, Baby J, and Operation X. He is also one of the founding djs that helped solidify Nevada as a EDM mecca for other djs in the mid 90’s. Preforming with legends like Crystal Method, Carl Cox, Dj Irene, Donald Glaude and many more to help in Nevada’s EDM conception and infancy, DJ LAW as a turntablist can take the art of turntablism and make it look effortless.

In the 2000s DJ LAW started in the World DMC Battle Competitions as well as the Guitar Center Spin Off Competitions too. He was always in the finals and ranked high, beating some of the world’s best scratch/turntablist djs and thus began his inauguration into one of the world’s best djs as well. In 2004 he opened up the accredited and world famous Oregon College “Spun Dj Academy.” While there, he was licensed by the Oregon State Board of Education as a “Dj Professor” with an emphasis on TTM, which is the Turntable Transcribing Methodology (Sheet music for scratching and djing). In 2013, he was on his way to Arizona for School and engineering, production, film and sound. DJ Law continues to learn, perform, and perfect his craft, and life work.